SEO and Online Marketing Tips for Small Firms

A law firm is like any other type of business that requires marketing efforts. Most lawyers have this false notion that they do not need to market their services due to the demand. But since there is also a rise in law firms, it is important to stay competitive. And one way for you to get more clients is to use lawyer search engine optimization. The internet has become the go-to place for clients and consumers to look into when they are in search of a particular type of service. Make sure you have left behind the digital imprint to make it easier for your clients to find you.
Optimized Website
The first step to boost your lawyer search engine optimization effort is to build a website (if you haven’t already). A website is a must if you want to establish you online credibility. You cannot just rely on a Facebook fan page – you need to have a website wherein you can post content and establish your credibility as a law firm. It should also serve as the one source of information for the services you can offer.
When you build a website, make sure you consider law firm SEO and integrate that with every page. You need to do some research on lawyer search engine optimization to determine the top keywords and key phrases you must use to optimize your website. Ideally, every page should be optimized with keywords to ensure that the search engine bots crawl through every page on your website. When choosing a keyword, do not just go for the generic ones. Make sure you choose specified keywords that identify your specific area of legal practice (such as divorce lawyers, family lawyers, insurance lawyers, etc). And if you are operating within a specific geographical location, it would be recommended to incorporate your location to the keyword as well.
Website Design
Even though the design of the website is not directly linked to SEO, it creates a huge impact on the law firm digital marketing effort. You want to establish your reputation as a respectable law firm in the industry, especially within your city or state. Keep your website clean, clear and professional-looking. Do not try to show off. Your focus should be on providing information and showcase what you can do.
Social Media Integration
Believe it or not, law firms can benefit from the use of social media marketing. It might not be common to see legal firms utilize social media as a platform to generate business, but in this day and age, referrals can come from a variety of sources. Even though you are posting on Facebook or Twitter, you should still strive to maintain your brand. It should be an extension of your law firm. Aim to provide information and be perceived as a leader in the industry. Your goal is to brand yourself as an expert. That is the premise of an effective law firm online marketing campaign.
Lawyer search engine optimization is a puzzle. The pointers above are simply scratching the surface as far as SEO is concerned. But in a time wherein most people turn to Google when searching for information, it is an investment that will pay off big time. For more details, just visit