Beat the Competition with the Right Online Payment Gateway

Beat the Competition with the Right Online Payment Gateway

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Did you know that one way to compete in the Australian business landscape is to use an online payment gateway?

According to a report entitled the Future of Payments in Australia published by PwC Australia, “Payments generate nearly 25% of all revenue in the Australian financial system and are one of the most critical attributes customers look at when choosing financial institutions.”

Even if you’re not a financial institution, it is important to understand customer expectations in terms of payment transactions.

Consumers today are fine with queuing up for a simple day-to-day transaction. But with the growing popularity of mobile transactions, it won’t be long before they look for ease and convenience in performing their day-to-day payments.

They will also demand for accessible solutions that they can use anywhere at any time and on any device. Therefore, if you want to compete in your industry, using an Australian online payment gateway is one of your best solutions.

Why does an online payment gateway matter to your business?

Ensures that payment processing is secure

Payment gateways use security protocols that reduce if not eliminate the possibility of credit card frauds.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL), for example, encrypts all payment and card data. Tokenisation, on the other hand, replaces client data with randomly generated strings of characters before data is stored in the server. Check out their webpage at Promtel

Other anti-fraud tools perform checks to ensure that the customers are actually who they claim to be.

If you can promise your customers security transactions using an online payment gateway in Australia, they will rely on you for future dealings.

Ease of payment transactions

Online payment gateways basically process payments on your behalf. This takes little to no time and effort on your part. Most of them are also easy to use which will help your clients to complete transactions without going through a steep learning curve.

Improve client experience

When customers are satisfied with the way you do business, expect higher conversion rates.

But it is important that you first understand your customer’s payment preferences so you can provide them the payment method they want to use. Studies show that more than 50% of online shoppers abandon the checkout process because their preferred payment gateway is not on the list of options.

Provide your clients with their preferred payment method and you can improve their experience with your business.

How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Your Business

No two payment gateways are the same. Each one also has their own share of pros and cons.

Your selection will depend on the answers to the following questions:

  • How easy is the setup and cancellation process?
  • How much is the cost and fees involved, such as registration and cancellation fees?
  • Are there recurring payments that I have to pay?
  • Is the payment gateway hosted or integrated to my website?
  • Is customer support readily available?
  • What is the transaction success rate?
  • How reliable is the online payment gateway? Does it experience downtime frequently?
  • What security protocols are used to prevent fraud and security risks?
  • What is the policy for settlement time/payout?
  • Is the checkout experience seamless and stress-free?

Be critical when you want to find online payment gateway that suits your business best.

With Promtel’s Payment Processing Services, transactions are handled with ease and guaranteed security. Most importantly, you only pay for the number of times you use the payment gateway service instead of an ongoing monthly fee.

Overcoming Palliative Care Challenges in Rural and Remote Communities

Overcoming Palliative Care Challenges in Rural and Remote Communities

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Palliative care is not only applicable to senior patients. In fact, palliative cares are recommended for people from all walks of life who are suffering from a terminal illness. However, when it comes to rural and remote settings, Dr. Ewan McPhee, President of Rural Doctors Association of Australia, emphasised the need for dedicated palliative care facilities to cater to the needs of rural and remote communities. He further stated that palliative care in rural and remote areas are given at local hospitals because very few rural palliative care centres are available for the community compared to those in large cities.


palliative cares

Since palliative care is developed mostly in urban areas, there is an ongoing shortage of palliative cares services in rural and remote places in Australia. One-third of Australians live in rural areas based on Australia Institute of Health and Welfare, and another half live in remote areas in the country. However, the prevalence of cancer in these rural and remote communities is practically the same as that in urban areas. But the mortality is definitely higher for people who live in rural communities because access to healthcare has been problematic.


If you or your elderly loved ones live in remote areas in Australia, you have to remember that there are problems most rural clients face when seeking palliative care and they are listed below:


1. Isolation. Being in a remote and rural area may lead to isolation. This will easily make your loved ones feel depressed. Even if they are natural introverts, they still need to surround themselves with people and perform individual tasks to further enhance their sense of purpose. This is definitely an issue if they already have a terminal illness, like cancer for instance, that requires palliative care services.


2. Inaccessible Locations. In rural areas, distance to a medical centre is the common issue for the higher mortality rate. If you or your loved ones require palliative care cancer patients require, they may find it challenging to visit medical practitioners or a palliative care facility to address their needs. Although there may be patient transport system that you can access, you still need to ensure someone is readily available for help. Not many health professionals are available in rural areas and despite the government’s effort to remedy the problem, it is still an ongoing issue as to date.


3. Limited Specialists Available. Finding a specialist for palliative care may be challenging if you or your loved ones live in rural areas. This service is almost always offered by your general practitioner with close collaboration with local community health services. But if you need a dedicated facility for palliative care in cancer patients, very few are accessible.


Through the years, the healthcare system has undergone various changes, leading to the decrease in healthcare services in remote and rural communities. There is also the dwindling number of healthcare providers serving the rural and remote communities. Delivering quality palliative care in these areas is even more compromised. A lot of requests have been made for the Australian government to provide more funding for palliative cares especially for rural and remote areas. See more at https://arcare.com.au/palliative-care/

Brisbane Power Factor Correction Equipment: Your Helping Hand

Brisbane Power Factor Correction Equipment: Your Helping Hand

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Power connections at premises are major cost centers from which you end up paying when it comes to your power costs. But good thing, there are innovative ways that will reduce your bills such as through the power factor correction Brisbane installations. With the power factor correction Brisbane equipment installations, it is possible to pinpoint the areas where the savings can be made in your commercial or even industrial premises and this results in more optimal uses of electricity.

power factor correction brisbane
power factor correction brisbane

An analysis of energy usage and by large, energy data by specialists helps create solutions that bring on power savings. Cost drivers like peak demand are thus controlled and which results to lowered expenditure.

The impact of increased energy demand cannot be ignored as it has had adverse effects on business, individual and family level. The immediate impact of how we consume electricity and use power is on the economic front which has gained lots of attention from leaders and organizations trying to ensure the protection of the economy.

Environmentalists are not far behind in pushing for effective management of power consumption to avert a situation where poor energy management leads to activities that put the environment at risk. A responsible attitude towards power consumption has helped reduce electricity costs Brisbane commercial enterprises enjoy.

Looking at specific cities like Brisbane, the cost of power being pushed higher than the current rate will be driven by the demand charges Brisbane residents and business owners incur. This new way of billing power sets to leave out the exact power you consume and sees the consumer charged for the power demand on their premises. Any faulty equipment and connections are likely to drive up demand charges and the overall impact will be skyrocketing power bills.

The professional analysis is beneficial to the business owner as they are able to understand the inefficiencies and come up with corrective measures that are not counter-productive which is the case when individuals decide to do it on their own. The solutions offered for power efficiency take into account any future needs and it enables the business owner plan and act in time when these situations arise.

The myriad of challenges that come along in the process of power factor reduction Brisbane residents need for businesses makes it seem like a futile task. The perception that power factor reduction will have a negative effect on the output and performance of the business is one such challenge. Businesses owners are sometimes of the opinion that they will have to sacrifice the quality of operations they enjoy by changing how they use power and how they manage their equipment.

This proves to make the decision of whether to implement the power saving ideas a tough and long process. This is more emotional-based rather than factual based. The professional thus comes in to make the decision process an easy one as the professional delivers the facts in the simplest of ways. The fear of loss is thus dealt with in a manner that inspires confidence in the business owner avoiding situations where the business owner is unable to work peacefully for fear of outages.

The variety of services offered by power factor correction Brisbane professionals are easy to adopt for any business and are scalable depending on the size and nature of the business one is engaged in.

How to Hire a Reliable Commercial Driveway Paving Company

How to Hire a Reliable Commercial Driveway Paving Company

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When it comes to installing driveways Melbourne has, there is always the risk of being scammed by unscrupulous contractors who have no idea in how to lay the best driveways that will stand the test of time. There are lots of scammers as well as briefcase contractors who will promise you the world and deliver nothing and who simply wash your money down the drain. That is why it is always advisable to be highly diligent and careful in order to choose the most scrupulous contractors who can give you the best value for money on your paving work.

The key to getting quality results is choosing the most qualified asphalt driveways Melbourne has who can assure you of the best value for money on your projects. Here are some useful tips on how you can choose the best contractors for the job:

Asphalt Driveways
Asphalt Driveways Melbourne

The bigger the better

How much manpower does the asphalt contractors have? Asphalt is a material that dries fairly quickly fast. So it is important to work with big crews that can do the paving fairly quickly in order to lay strong and long-lasting driveways.

How much asphalt are they putting?

The recommended industry standard is 3 inches of asphalting on top of the gravel. Don’t be shy about it. Ask them about the depth of their asphalting. If you have to, sit on the lawn and watch them lay out the asphalting. You can also study their previous asphalting projects and determine if they adhered to the recommended industry standards.

Any references

If they are reputable and confident in their work, the commercial asphalt services Melbourne has should have no issue giving you a list including addresses of the customers that they have worked with in the past. If you have the time, you can drive around and have a look at some of the jobs that they have completed in the past.

Stick to details

It is always advisable to stick to the fine details when it comes to installing asphalt driveways Melbourne has. Stick to the paperwork. Make sure everything is put in writing including the warranty for the job. Ask for receipts for all the projects that they have completed. Without proper documentation, you simply have the contractor’s word for it and they could always go back on their word.

Look at their credentials

Do some little digging in order to establish the credentials of the contractor for the asphalt driveways Melbourne market has in the industry. Is the company fully licensed to provide the service? Are they insured? How much insurance coverage are they offering? Are they members of any professional associations? How much experience in the industry do they have? Doing the extra legwork in order to establish the credentials of the contractor will offer you extra protection from scammers and briefcase contactors.


Are there credible testimonials or recommendations from people the contractor has worked for in the past? Also before you hire, make the point of getting multiple estimates of asphalt driveway Melbourne cost from various contractors in order to see where you will get the best value.