Styrofoam Coffin 


I always like to give thanks to who ever gives me ideas, so with that being said I would like to thank the people or person at for this idea. Mine is a bit different but theres inspired mine.

2 sheets of pink insulation foam - 24.00
about 8 1x2's - $7 and change
finishing nails

You can find the dimensions here.
I started with the 1x2's.
Cutting them at the angles they needed to be to make a toepincher coffin.
This for me was a royal pain in the .....well you know. LOL
I made 2 of these frames.
Once I had all pieces fitting correctly.
 I hotglued them together then to reinforce that I stapled
them on both sides with 4 to 5 staples each.
Then I cut several sections of 1x2 12inches
 long and attached them to the bottom frame,
 then attached the top frame the
same way with hotglue and staples.
Now it's time for the foam.
I cut out the sides first.
Then attached them with hotglue then for added measure
 I tacked it in a few places with finishing nails.
Now time for top and bottom.
Cut them out and attached bottom.
Then paint inside black.
I did some sanding to smooth out corners and edges.
It looked a bit plain to me so I took a decent sized piece of scrape
foam I had and made a smaller version of the lid.
I rounded the edges of the small pieces then,
I glued that on the lid, then glued on a spider and a small skeleton.
I took some wood filler I had and ran it around the edges to fill in the gaps,
sanded it when it dried.Looking better to me now.
Now time to paint. I started by painting the whole thing white,
however I ran out of white, so I called it a night. The next day
I decided to paint it red, instead of going to buy more white.
To tone down the red,
I used a black stain which is what I was going to do to the white.

 I put on the stain, let that dry then I added my last decoration.
 I recieved as a grab bag gift at an M&T a bag of keychains with skulls on them.
 So I made shallow holes around the edge of the top and glued the skulls on.
 lastly I put the hinges on and attached the lid.
 this was a bit of a pain, the screws didn't want to stay in the foam.
 So I glued the hinge to the lid and also glued the screws
 in place and it is now holding nicely.
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